(1) Your Matric Rewrite Solution

Platinum College of Progress specializes in guiding learners through (Matric Rewrites) Grade  12. Platinum  College of Progress(PCP) strengths lie in their active classes, daily routines and supervision, while every student has a personal mentor to ensure a high standard of academic achievement. You need to act now to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and change your life forever.

Platinum College of Progress  was created to serve the growing need for affordable and convenient tutorial, revision and learning services.

You can re-do your Cass/SBA mark and/or change subjects thereby increasing the chances to pass your MATRIC.

 Our revision and training programs embody advanced learning structures. Education making you employable.

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(2) MATRIC  - GRADE 10 - 12.

If you did not have the chance to do your Matric or you did not finish your Matric, you can come to Platinum College and do your Matric. ITS NEVER TOO LATE .

(3) COMMUNITY HEALTH WORK -HWSETA Accreditation number HW591PA1411550

                                                   COURSES -(a) National Certificate -NQF 2

                                                                     (b) FET Certificate -NQF 4

                                                                     (c) Home Based Care -Skills Course

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